The Solihull Faiths Forum is led by a steering Group, of which seven members are appointed by different faiths and five are elected at the Annual General Meeting. This Group considers inter-faith issues in the borough, plans the calendar of events and liaises with the public authorities in the borough about strategic matters relevant to faiths and inter-faith matters.

The Chair is Pat Wilkinson (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints )
The Vice Chair is Shantose Kaur (Sikh)

The other members are:
Jane Bailey (Independent Christian)
Martin Beckett (Baha’i)
Mahendra Dabhi (Hindu)
Revd Linda Granner (Anglican)
Azra Hussain (Muslim)
Henryk Cettler (Catholic)
Beryl Moppett (Anglican)
Rabbi Yehuda Pink (Jewish)

Administrative and advisory support is given to the Forum by Warwickshire CAVA.

A copy of the Faiths Forum Constitution will be added here soon.